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dead bang
The Captain's Log
off the map since 2003
Not quite NaNoWriMo 
1st-Nov-2011 11:42 pm
dead smiley
So, I decided to try and attempt the 50,000 word count this month, but I'm going to do it on a story I already started and planned out. Since my biggest problem is committing to finishing, I didn't want to start something new just for NaNo. I already had a prologue and 2 chapters written, so I decided to start Chapter 3 and my word count at the same time today.

I'll keep track of my words here and on facebook.

2144 Total: 2144
-The Captain
2nd-Nov-2011 06:04 am (UTC)
go go go!!
I'm trying to do it in comic form. I have the general summary of the story written out and all the major points in it, it's just getting started that's hardest for me, especially when I can't settle on a style I want to draw in.

I don't know how to gauge my progress but so far I have... the summary, and rough character designs.
3rd-Nov-2011 05:07 am (UTC)
That sounds like a decent start. Take the first week to get the story and designs figured, then maybe figure dialogue second week and start planning out panels, then do the actual pages in the third and fourth week might be a good pace maybe?

Are you just inking or coloring too?
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