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dead bang
The Captain's Log
off the map since 2003
Hey there LJ 
12th-Dec-2011 10:44 pm
dead bang
How's it hangin'?

Had a fun couple weeks since last time I updated. That whole Nano thing went well, but I made the mistake of realizing I could do it and promptly decided not to bust my butt... Still I think I ended up with around ~45000 that month (I lost official track around the week 3 mark, which didn't help my drive) Mind I also wrote about 10000 words the week prior to beginning, so all in all I see it as a success and I'm still writing a bit most everyday. Yaayyy!

Bad thing is I'm slightly sick again. Or maybe the cold I got early in November just came back for one last stab at my health like a horror movie villain when you think he's defeated.

Nick came down 3 weeks in a row: Once after Thanksgiving because Taylor needed to stop by and drop off my Isabela daggers and Kevin's Soap gear and it was convenient. We saw The Muppets which was awesome. Then he came down the first week of December because my family threw a surprise party for my grandma's 70th birthday. That was fun and the next day everyone went out to breakfast and beheld the grandest, most hugest of all cinnamon rolls... or at least a slice it, which was shared between like... 8 people O.o;;;

Then this weekend he came down because he wanted to see a Ryan Adams concert. So we hung out all weekend, watched a few movies and went out and about doing Christmas shopping. I made a deep dish pizza that turned out really well (made 2 actually, one with real cheese and one with the fake stuff), but I still need to tweak my sauce recipe... It was just a bit off. Then on Sunday evening we rode the train up to Chicago and met his friends. We walked to the Elephant & Castle pub (which was the only place open it seemed, but was really cool - like a proper English pub with proper English pub food), then walked over to Cadillac Palace and watched the concert. Ryan Adams, while I'm not necessarily a huge fan of his music (it can be a bit depressing), is actually a really funny dude and made up a couple songs on the spot about a girl with cell phone glowing on her face, Skyrim, and the Chicago-style pizza he longed for after the show, haha.

This week I'm cleaning a lot and playing Oblivion and Arkham Asylum because I'm behind on games. On Wednesday, Karen and I are getting coffee since I haven't seen her since Andrea's birthday dinner in September. And then I'm going up to Nick's house Friday night and we're going to see Sherlock Holmes 2.

BTW: Yko, Katie, Alex and Tro, how's that Monday after Xmas sounding for you guys for getting together?

And that's about that :)
-The Captain
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