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dead bang
The Captain's Log
off the map since 2003
Successfully euthanized... 
22nd-Dec-2011 01:53 am
So Kevin and Jenn sent their gift straight to my house instead of ordering it and giving it to me in person. It was a super cute, ceramic Companion Cube cookie jar from Thinkgeek and of course it got destroyed in the postal process (or packaging since the shipping box was fine). The other night when it came in, I only opened the shipping box and peeked inside, then pushed it aside since I have no idea what to do with it till future!place happens. So tonight, as I'm cleaning up (my room has been a fortress of cardboard shipping boxes), I decided to take the package out of the shipping box so I could recycle it and I noticed that the entire box is a bit crumpled on top, possibly karate chopped (no damage to the shipping box). There was also no tape or any seal whatsoever, so I peeked inside and of course the ceramic is shattered inside the styrofoam packaging. So RIP faithful companion cube, I guess.

I gotta figure out Thinkgeek's return policy and talk to Kevin since he has all the order information. At least its one of my presents that got destroyed and not one I bought for someone else. I've been all paranoid that I'm going to end up with a destroyed gift and have no time to get a replacement... Luckily, I only have a couple presents to get and those are all for people I won't see for a bit after Christmas.

-The Captain

PS: It's also a bit odd that a ceramic item wouldn't get a "Handle with care" sticker on the shipping box. I looked all over it and couldn't find one...
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